Witness the unrivaled power of CAFFEINATION!

Dear me…

I haven’t been this wired on coffee since ‘nam. O_o

It feels fantastic! My function and form are full of emotion, elation, and energy. I want to do everything, learn everything, be everything, and carry everybody to as yet unknown heights as I win it all.

In the throes of this long-absent surge of energy (Damn you theentiremonthofapril, you sucked!) I have been up all night coding up a storm as I update my portfolio website with all manner of everything. Now I am into the writing and establishing of a small gallery for my chainmail widgetry. Then?… Motion Graphics/AfterEffects. I can do this.

Damn straight I can.

I can do anything.

But, I think my stomach’s going to fall out my arse any second now if I even look at another cup of coffee.

How’s YOUR day going? :oD

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Fighting trousers be damned, fetch me my Chainmail Pants!

Have you heard of Professor Elemental? He’s a chap-hop/steampunk musician with a rousing song about his ‘Fighting Trousers’ that has a quite splendidly done video. Here’s a look-see at it.

Now, being something of a dork this song inspired me to do something silly. My roommate does all manner of sewing/costuming work so when the knees wore out on an old pair of pants I got him to put canvas patches on and then a batch of carefully spaced grommets around the edges. Why? So I could anchor some chainmail to the knees!

Yes. Seriously. Here, take a look.

Then, while working on a larger scale mail project the idea of doing up scale mail knee patches hit me so I quickly did up two patches like the one above. This test patch doesn’t have the trim needed to keep the scales from flopping around, and needs a few more scales to make the anchoring process work out, but it’s basically done. The really keen part is that with the canvas backing, I don’t need to worry about scraping my knee on the scales when I kneel down or bump into things.

Function over form folks! Making sure that the things I make work is a huge priority for me. Suffering for fashion is nonsense IMNSHO. Things need to be comfortable and wearable first, then it’s time to worry about making it pretty. Thankfully chainmail lends itself to that so my job is pretty easy.

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Got Collar?

Well, someone does because that collar piece from my earlier post has been finished. The core structure is a nice tight 6-in-1 weave that makes the collar smooth against skin and surprisingly comfortable to wear. If you have a chance to play with a well-made patch I recommend it just for the feel – it’s close to liquid steel.

In addition, this piece has been reinforced with some extra hardware at key points, and uses a sturdier spring temper steel at others, making it rather ludicrously sturdy and ensuring that there is no need to worry about wear, tear, or breakage. You can also wash it with soap & water to clean it, or run it through the dishwasher if you’re feeling lazy. Stainless steel is so much more awesome than aluminum.

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A Flash Game?

Yep, I built one.

It’s really basic, but I built it.

That makes it mine and that makes it special.

To me at least. 😉

At any rate, here it is:

Get Adobe Flash player

I’m still working on getting my head around Actionscript array structures so I can do a better job of managing the missiles and saucers. As is, tracking them is rather spotty and I don’t like that one bit.

Once I get that code down, it will open up a few doors for things and I’m really looking forward to it.

A word of warning – the function to remove the saucers once they’ve left the screen doesn’t work properly so the game consumes progressively more ram as it goes. So, don’t play it for more than a few minutes. Especially if you crank the difficulty up to stupid.

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Flash Turtle

I like code.

I really like code.

You can use it to build all kinds of things and then make them move and behave any way you want.

The rust is thick but crumbling as I rebuild the parts of my brain that process code, but I have managed to kick down a few doors in my capacity for all things Flash.

Give that a try – click the turtle and then the arrow keys let you move it up, down, left and right.

Next up – object collision detection! (ok, ok, animating the turtle’s ‘wee little legs first, then collision detection)

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